iSTOYO Epoxy Resin Mixer Pro
iSTOYO Epoxy Resin Mixer Pro
iSTOYO Epoxy Resin Mixer Pro
iSTOYO Epoxy Resin Mixer Pro
iSTOYO Epoxy Resin Mixer Pro
iSTOYO Epoxy Resin Mixer Pro
iSTOYO Epoxy Resin Mixer Pro
iSTOYO Epoxy Resin Mixer Pro

iSTOYO Epoxy Resin Mixer Pro

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  • Powerful Mixing : Compared with the traditional mixing method, this resin mixer solves the powerlessness when mixing by hand. It makes mixing more even and completes full mixing. This premium epoxy mixer can be used to mix epoxy resin, pigment and other viscous liquids. And meet the needs of jewelry casting, resin supplies, resin molds making.
  • Save Your Wrist and Save Your Time : This resin mixer has a new design that allows you to use the machine by simply turning the button on, without having to keep pressing it for a long time. Greatly reduce wrist pain as well as increase your efficiency.
  • Simple Operate and Reduce Bubbles : This epoxy mixer for resin is powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included) and is equipped with forward and reverse modes to meet your mixing needs. Unique mixing paddle design minimizes bubbles, resin becomes smooth and uniform.
  • Easy to Clean : Our epoxy stirrer come with 4 reusable, high quality epoxy mixing paddles and are easy to clean. Please wipe off the residue with a baby wipe and then wash the paddles with mild soap in warm water. Or you can easily peel off the resin left on the paddle after it has dried.
  • Package Includes : You will get 1x electric resin stirrer and 4 x resin paddles. We provide you with multiple mixing heads to meet your various mixing needs. It is recommended to mix 4 oz. or 8 oz. of liquid for better mixing results.

Simple and quiet operate, istoyo epoxy resin mixer pro save your wrist and your time.

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Wanda MacConnell

The mixer I have used 1 time because I didn't have batteries. It is a good tool but it would be better if it was one I could change it with USB and use it . But in all I am happy with it. It has 4 stir sticks that came with it and it beats it slowly so there is hardly any bubbles. So all in all I will recommend it to my Facebook followers.

Hannah B.
Enough Power To Do The Job

First, and completely irrelevant: The product arrived in a mildly-damaged box-however that was clearly the carrier's fault so I don't hold it against the product itself.

I tend to mix a fair amount of epoxy--generally about 8 ounces at a time. I've always used a paint stick that I get from big box stores. The problem with that approach is that it's difficult to avoid introducing air bubbles into the mixture. This item has the power necessary to mix the epoxy evenly and with many fewer bubbles.

It does everything that I had hoped it would.

Note: It does not include the required Qty four AAA batteries.

I recommend this product.

Ms. Peacock
Save your Wrists - Let This Do the job !

This is such a lifesaver for anyone who deals with mixing small batches of things (especially and obviously Resin).

They include 4 paddles incase you can't clean it properly, you somehow break it, or just end up losing some.

The mixer take 4 AAA batteries that are NOT included.

Luckily I had some on hand and was able to try it out properly.

The speed is a consistent mid-low speed and with the flick of a switch can be swapped between clockwise and counterclockwise orientation as far as the mixing.

Super easy to use!

Very lightweight and simple.

As simple as installing the batteries and flipping a switch.

If anything I would've loved to have seen it be rechargeable.

You want this to mix your resin!!!

I used to have problems with the resin not curing properly after hand storing for 5 minutes. With this machine all my projects cure. It's amazing. I heard someone else say this was a game changer in working with resin. It truly is. It's worth every penny to never lose another project.

Resin Mixer

This mixer is really great if you have arthritis, it's great if you don't too. The ad says it reduces bubbles, and most of the time it does, I let it sit for a few minutes before using it anyway so that helps. I've seen YouTube videos showing you how to get rid of the few that might pop up after mixing. This does a much better job than my mixing by hand. I'm glad I purchased it. It uses 4 AAA batteries and is pretty quiet. There are two sizes for the mixer head of which you get 4 total, 2 small and 2 medium. The only thing I wish it had was a case to put it in, but then it would cost a lot more. Great value for what you get. I'd only use it for crafting, not strong enough to mix anything else I wouldn't think.