About Us

Our Story Unfolds

Welcome to the world of ISTOYO, a haven for lovers of DIY handmade art. In the heart of the United States, our enterprise blossoms, led by Ben. His journey of nearly ten years in this sector, coupled with his artistic soul, infuses our brand with warmth and expertise. We are a team bound by a common thread: a deep-seated passion for creativity and craftsmanship.

Cultivating Creative Passions

At ISTOYO, our vision is deeply rooted and sincere. Our aim is to elevate and motivate all who find peace and happiness in DIY artistry. We provide a supportive environment where both experienced artists and emerging talents can flourish, creating a space where imaginative aspirations soar.

The Craftsmanship of Our Products
Every ISTOYO creation, from our versatile 2-in-1 bead stringing machine to our high-quality epoxy resin and vibrant mica powders, embodies our dedication to innovative and practical design. Our products, including diverse resin molds and efficient UV resin solutions, are crafted to enrich the creative process for our customers. We aim to offer tools that are designed to inspire and facilitate artistic expression. Each product from ISTOYO is a blend of affordability, excellence, and creative thinking, ensuring that every artistic endeavor is supported by the best in craftsmanship and innovation.

Our Dedication to Superiority and Novelty

In our pursuit of excellence, ISTOYO is continually evolving, inspired by the feedback and needs of our customers. Our dedication to quality is not merely a target but a persistent journey. We aspire to bring forth distinctive products that align with the dynamic needs and aspirations of our creative community.

Your Invitation to Our Creative World

We invite you to join the ISTOYO community. In this space, your enthusiasm for DIY art is not only understood but also shared and fostered. Embark with us on this collective voyage of artistic exploration and innovation, where each project is a collaborative exploration in the realm of DIY. Welcome to ISTOYO – a place where every craft tells its own unique story.

Our Products

Our Products: A Canvas of Innovation and Quality

Epoxy Resin: The Foundation of Creativity
ISTOYO's epoxy resin is a versatile, two-part polymer, ideal for construction, woodworking, and artistic applications. It adheres to a variety of surfaces and is known for its strength, heat and moisture resistance, and durability. Our epoxy resin is safe, non-toxic, transparent, and user-friendly, designed to enhance the attractiveness and value of your projects​​.

Mica Powder: A Touch of Sparkle and Color
Our mica powder, derived from the natural mineral muscovite, adds vibrant color and shimmer to a wide range of DIY crafts. This safe, non-toxic powder is perfect for use in epoxy resin, soap, candles, cosmetics, and more. It offers a sparkling effect and can be mixed with various materials to achieve desired colors and metallic effects, bringing your creations to life​​.

Innovative Beading & Jewelry Making Tools
ISTOYO's beading and jewelry making tools, including our new bead spinner, offer practicality and ease for your creative endeavors. Our DIY Jewelry Set enables artists to explore their creativity with high-quality, user-friendly tools​​.

Resin Molds: Shapes of Imagination
Our collection of resin molds, including Halloween molds, jewelry molds, coaster molds, and more, provide the perfect templates for your resin projects. These molds cater to a variety of themes and preferences, enabling you to bring intricate designs to life​​.

UV Resin and UV Light: For Quick and Efficient Crafting
Our UV resin and UV light products accelerate the crafting process, offering a quicker setting alternative to traditional epoxy resin. These products are ideal for artists seeking efficiency without compromising on quality​​.

Tools and Accessories: Your Creative Partners
We provide a range of tools and accessories to support your artistic journey. From basic supplies to specialized equipment, our products are designed to complement your skills and enhance your crafting experience​​.

Why Choose ISTOYO?

A Canvas for Your Creativity

ISTOYO isn't just about providing DIY art supplies, it's about creating a canvas where your imagination can paint its dreams. We understand that every artist seeks a reliable partner in their creative endeavors. Here, we commit to being that partner, offering tools and materials that bring your visionary projects to life.

Guided by Expertise, Driven by Passion

The heart of ISTOYO beats with the rhythm of Ben's extensive experience and artistic fervor. This unique combination of leadership and passion shapes our approach. Every product, every interaction, is infused with an understanding of what artists truly need, ensuring that we offer more than just supplies - we offer a piece of our heart.

Innovation as Our Signature

Our exclusive, multi-functional bead stringing machine exemplifies our commitment to pushing boundaries. We don't just adapt to change; we are the catalyst for it, ensuring our artists have access to the most inventive and effective tools.

Uncompromising Quality

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. ISTOYO products are crafted not just to meet but to exceed expectations. We ensure that every tool, bead, and string stands the test of time, providing reliability and excellence that artists can trust implicitly.

Responsive, Heartfelt Service

At ISTOYO, our relationship with artists is a dialogue that we cherish. Your feedback and insights guide our evolution. Our customer service isn't just about solving problems; it's about building a community, understanding your needs, and growing alongside you.