Mica Powder

    Mica Powder-Color your DIY crafting

    If you’ve ever gravitated towards a product that promised to make your skin sparkle or glow, chances are it had mica powder in it.

    1. What is mica powder?
    Mica is a colored powder that’s made from a natural mineral called muscovite. Muscovite is a silicate mineral, in the same family as quartz. Before it’s processed, mica comes out of the ground in large pearlescent sheets or flakes, which have a naturally shimmering, iridescent property.

    Mica flakes are ground into a fine powder, which is usually an off-white or khaki color. Natural oxides are then applied to the mica with heat to transform it into a vibrant color.

    2. What is mica powder used for?
    This mineral is used to add color and shimmer to epoxy resin, soap, candles, cosmetics and even translucent polymer clay. Its main purpose is to create a sparkling or shiny effect.

    3. Is mica powder safe?
    Mica is a color additive exempt from certification that is safe to use in cosmetics, skin care products and is lip safe. It is non-irritating, skin-safe and non-toxic. It is safe to use on almost all skin types with little to no side effects.

    4. What do mica powder mix with?
    Since the particles are very small, colors can be mixed to create uniform colour, lightly to ensure subtle metallic effects. Mica Powders are very pigmented and can be mixed with transparent topcoats, clear epoxies, wax, gelcoats or any brand epoxy resin.

    When using mica powder for resin, it better add a small amount at a time, stirring it in until it looks the way you like. You can then add more as desired. Once you've got it looking the way you want, you can apply the resin mixture like you normally would.