Resin Mixer

    What is resin mixer?

    The resin mixer helps automate the repetitive tasks of stirring, it especially suited for messy resins or other thick liquids. Our resin mixers are battery powered and provide the suitable speed to operate, which can minimize bubbles while mixing the epoxy resin, silicone, latex, acrylic paint and other viscous liquids.

    What advantages of ISTOYO resin mixer?

    1. Save Your Wrist & Save Your Time:
    ISTOYO epoxy mixer pro is simply turning the button on, without having to keep pressing it for a long time. Greatly reduce wrist pain and improve efficiency.

    2. Powerful mixing:
    Compared with the traditional mixing method, this resin mixer solves the powerlessness when mixing by hand. It makes mixing more even and completes full mixing.

    3. Reduce Bubbles:
    Unique mixing paddle design can minimizes bubbles, resin becomes smooth and uniform.

    4. Easy to Clean & Reusable:
    Our epoxy stirrer is reusable and very easy to clean. Please wipe off the residue with a baby wipe and then wash the paddles with mild soap in warm water. Or you can easily peel off the epoxy resin left on the epoxy paddle after it has dried.

    5. Portable Design:
    ISTOYO electric epoxy mixer for resin is powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included), which will save your time from waiting for charging or looking for sockets. Meanwhile, It is light and compact. You can carry it conveniently wherever you go.

    What is the best way to mix epoxy resin?

    Firstly, to use a suitable size container, and then combine resin and hardener at recommended mix ratio.
    Secondly, to mix in positive/negative direction each for 1.5 minutes while scraping sides and bottom of container until no streaks or striations. It is fully blended.
    Thirdly, Pour the mixed resin into the resin molds until it solidifies.