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Baby monitors are electronical auxiliaries that help you inspect your baby's condiction, you may see more details about baby monitors on Wikipedia. However, the result of baby monitors does not stand for anything and if you are using it without instrutions of any professional.

There is few electronic product that does hurt babies, but our baby monitors are NOT included because they have passed safety verifications.

We have baby sound amplifier that can check babies in pregnant woman and monitor with heart beat on the screen.

If your LCD display screen shows a heart rate between 60 and 100 beats per minute, it is probably picking up on your own veins and arteries. A healthy fetus has a heartbeat of around 120 to 180 (yes, it’s a lot faster than adults!). If the heartbeat fades, it could mean he or she is switching positions.

Hearing two heartbeats could mean one of two things: You’re hearing the same heartbeat in two places or you’re having twins. So, how do you tell which it is? If you’re in the later stages of pregnancy and the two heartbeats are within 10 beats per minute of each other, it’s probably just one fetus.

If you can’t pick up your baby’s heartbeat, it doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is unhealthy. It could mean they are too small or are in a position that makes it hard for the doppler to detect. The heartbeat may also be masked my stomach noises or your own heartbeat. At times, you will hear the heartbeat easier and stronger, and that’s normal. Before 12 weeks, it may be especially difficult to detect any heartbeat. However, if you have a feeling something is wrong, contact your physician.

Although an at-home fetal doppler works like an ultrasound, it is not the same. You must still attend routine ultrasounds and appointments to ensure you and your baby’s health. Since your doctor is skilled at reading ultrasounds, the at-home device shouldn’t be viewed as a replacement but instead as a tool to use in between checkups.


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