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    What Is A Heat Press Machine?

    A heat press machine is essentially an iron press machine that transfers creative designs onto different surfaces with the right combination of heat, pressure, and time. It is a must-have tool for almost every kind of custom t-shirt as well as a powerful tool for other types of decoration.

    What Is The Difference Between Professional Heat Press Machine and Small Heat Press?

    Yes, not all heat press machines are built equally. Professional ones are more suitable for larger business owners to finish their bulk orders. But if you're just starting out and prefer to try some small fun projects, then small heat press will be the perfect choice for you. They are much affordable yet functional.

    Why Choose ISTOYO Small Heat Press Machine?

    Our ISTOYO small heat press machine is perfect for personalization projects. It's simple to operate yet perform professionally in various types of decoration. Other than this, we've upgraded it with an ergonomic handle for more comfortable gripping experience. You will also receive many accessories like Teflon pillow, blank storage bag, vinyl stickers for test for easy start.

    What Can You Make With A Small Heat Press Machine?

    There are so many items you can make with a small heat press machine! Tote bags, cosmetic bags, pillow cases, masks, shoes, baby onesies, more and more. Small heat press machine is definitely a great help when you got a birthday party coming up or some friends just had a baby...