Should you Rent rather than Buy fetal doppler?

Buy or Rent a Fetal Doppler: Renting Considerations

You must decide if it’s better to rent or buy one fetal doppler as soon as you know what fetal doppler is. Although some stores sell dopplers, the easiest place to purchase or rent a doppler is online. Along with websites dedicated to buying and renting, the device may also be listed on classified websites.
When you’re choosing between renting and buying a doppler, you should be aware there are additional aspects to consider if you decide to rent.
  • Who Pays for Return Shipping?

When deciding if you should rent a doppler, be sure to pay close attention to the company’s return policies. Who pays for return shipping? Depending on where you live, some companies may provide a return shipping label, whereas others will expect you to pay out of pocket.
You should also consider how long shipping will take. If shipping takes one or two weeks, you’ll technically be renting and paying for the time it’s in transit even though you aren’t using it. This cuts down on the actual time you can use it within your rental period before you need to send it back. For example, if it takes two weeks to ship to you and a week to ship back, you’re paying for almost a whole month of just shipping.
  • How Long Can You Keep it?

Different companies will have different rules when it comes to how long you can keep the doppler. For some websites, you have to select how many months you need it for and pay up front. Other websites allow you to rent the doppler however long you’d like for a flat fee. Consider how far along you are in your pregnancy and how long you’ll want to use it for.
  • Do They Offer Returns?

Even if you’re not buying a doppler, you probably still want the option to return it. If the device breaks or simply isn’t working, you should be able to get your money back. Check if the company offers refunds. Will they refund shipping too? Within how many days can you receive a refund?
  • What Does it Come with?

Check to see what each doppler rental comes with to ensure you won’t have any additional costs. If a rental doesn’t come with batteries or ultrasound gel, those are items you will have to purchase yourself. You should also pay attention to shipping prices. Some websites, such as BabyDoppler, offer free shipping.
  • Sanitization

Before making a decision, make sure the company has a statement on their website indicating that they thoroughly sanitize each rental before shipping it to the next customer.
  • Support

Check the company’s website to see if they offer free support. When you first receive your doppler, you may have questions about how it works or may run into issues. You should feel reassured that you can call or email the company at any time to receive guidance. For example, at iovect, we actively seek to promote and educate parents on the correct usage of fetal dopplers. Our support staff can be reached at any time to answer any product-related questions.

Pros of Buying a Doppler

More Options

You have much more options if you choose to buy a doppler versus renting one. Many rental websites only offer one or a few options and only provide medical-grade devices. While medical-grade devices can be used at home, many parents have great success when they purchase significantly lower cost dopplers.
One mother decided to both purchase and rent a doppler to see if there was a difference. In her review, she concluded that the medical-grade rental “doesn’t find the heartbeat any faster or more easily than the Sonoline B.”
Medical-grade dopplers are typically used by doctors and midwives. However, some healthcare professionals also use the same dopplers we sell in our store.
When you are purchasing a doppler, you can choose a model based on which features it has and you have more flexibility.
Whether you choose to rent or buy, make sure that your device is FDA approved and safe.

Less Cost

If you are solely basing your decision on price, buying a doppler is the best decision. On, our devices range from around $40 to $70. This is a one-time purchase, so keep in mind that you can use the device for future pregnancies or even let a pregnant friend borrow it.
On the other hand, some companies are charging over $35 a month just to rent a doppler. For almost the same price as a one-month rental, you can purchase a doppler and keep it permanently. If having a medical-grade doppler seems unnecessary, buying is the most cost-effective option.

Varified Warranty

Some websites, including, offer an optional warranty plan. This will ensure your device will stay reliable even if you use it for future pregnancies two years later. If you rent a doppler, you will have to go through the whole rental process again if you choose to have more children.

Less Headache

Owning your own doppler is just easier. Firstly, you don’t have to worry about returning it in perfect condition. Since rental dopplers typically retail for hundreds of dollars, you will need to repay that amount if you accidently damage it. You will also need to keep an eye out for the rental deadline. Purchasing a doppler means you won’t think about who used it before you or how it’s sterilized.

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